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My Favourite Places to Shop and Visit Online


This is a brilliant online occult supplier, selling everything from alter and ritual items through to herbs and incense. Definately well worth a visit with hundreds of great products throughout.


This site is a must visit! It contains art by Jonathon Earl Bowser who does the most amazing and gorgeous goddess art ive ever come accross.


This site is a supporter of pagan search

A Brilliant Clothing Site


Whether its ritual clothing you want, something to wear to a wiccan gathering or just some beautiful mythical clothing this is the website for you. They even boast a maternity collection and witches corner with specialist outfits. Plus they will even make customized clothing to your own tastes. 


This is the website of The Children Of Artemis, a huge uk based organisation who bring wiccans/witches/pagans together from all over. They have a magazine (see book reviews), coven finding service and arrange amazing events such as Witchfest. Whether you are new to the craft or have been practicing for many years their website is a brilliant resource centre!