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This website is for people who are interested in or already follow the wiccan path. You will find information that will help you understand wicca and also information on the more practical side of the religion.
A word about satan! If you are visiting this site to try and find out information about dark magick or satan you are in the wrong place so please leave now. A true witch does not believe in satan as it is not part of our religion. Magick is neither negative nor possitive, it is neutral until in the hands of the beholder.
For those of you who are truely intersted in wicca or already follow the path im sorry you had to read the above, but there are alot of mis-informed people out there. I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.
What is wicca? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Well when im asked this all sorts of wonderful things come to mind, but the people asking just want a quick and simple answer to start with. So im going to quote one of my favourite wiccan authors Silver RavenWolf "Witchcraft is a nature based, life affirming religion that follows a moral code and seeks to build harmony among people, and empower the self and others".
Many of the younger generation that are interested think they can say a few words, clap their hands and turn someone into a frog. Well to anyone who thinks this you couldnt be further from the truth. Wicca is a religion and the Lord and Lady are our god and goddess who work with us and protect us. It is a very spiritual religion and nature plays a very large part in it.
Although if you live in a built up area dont think you cant practice the religion. I know several witches who live in flates in very built up areas and they do just fine.
The pentacle is one of the most used wiccan symbols. It is a five pointed star which represents Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and the spirit of human. It is encompassed by a circle (the never ending love of spirit).

Other Symbols include

The Sacred Spiral: This symbol represents the divine energy within a witches world.
When draw clockwise, the sacred spiral brings things to you.
When drawn counterclockwise, it pushes negative energies away from you.

Equal Armes Cross: This symbol represents many things, for example: the four seasons, the four winds and the four quarters of the magick circle.
Drawn from top to bottom and right to left with the right hand the symbol represents healing energies.
Drawn from top to bottom and left to right with the left hand it signifies banishing negative energies.

The Goddess Symbol (a full moon in the middle flanked by crescent moons): This signifies the feminine aspect of the goddess. Woman wear this symbol to show their faith in the goddess and use it to connect with her.


Due to the back log of e-mails i have been getting i have had to take my e-mail address of the site for a bit. If you would like to contact me please visit the 'online wicca community' page and contact me via the 'contact manager' message board on the community website. I will do my best to reply to all messages posted to me. Thankyou

Uphold the Witch's law we must,
In purest love and earnest trust.
Please think before a spell's begun:
"If I harm no one, then no harm is done.
For what i do comes back to me,
Multiplied by the power of three."
If followed with your mind and heart,
We'll merry meet and merry part.
If folled with your mind and heart
We'll merry meet anon.

(Marina Baker)

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One of the most used things in witchcraft
Candles have many uses in the craft for example; rituals,spells,meditation and prayer. Each different colour has a different meaning so you need to choose which colour works best with what you want to cast.
Basic colour corresspondences


Light Blue:healing,peace,patience,friendship,protection of home and understanding

Dark Blue:impulsiveness and depression

Green:prosperity,luck and finace

Light Green:improve the weather

Dark Green:invoking the goddess or regeneration, finacial


Pink:love,romance,honour,morality,friendship, compassion

Orange:energy, assertiveness,andurance, encouragement and to seal a spell

Yellow:intellect,confidence,communication,happiness,success and self-esteem

Purple:healing severe disease.meditation,tension,ambition

Silver:intuition, dreams


White: This can be used in place of any other colour
Lady Liberty League