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Step 1
The first thing you need to do when writing your own spell is ask yourself the following questions:
1/ Whats is you spell for?
2/ Do you really need too cast a spell for it?
3/ Are you sure you spell cannot harm you or anyone else?
4/ Does it mean taking anyones free will away from them?
5/ How quick do you want the result?
6/ And what exactly do you want the outcome of the spell to be?

Have a note book which you use just for spell writing so you can write all the above questions down and answer them. if you answer no to question 3 and yes to question 4 you should not be cating the spell or even thinking about it in the first place.

Step 2
Now you have answered all the above questions you need to find out the following:
1/ Which day of the week is best to cast the spell
2/ Which moon phase will work best to cast under
3/ Which colours are associated with your spell
4/ Which herbs, crystals and oils are associated with the need of the spell
5/ And which Gods or Goddesses you are going to work with.
Step 3
Now you know what the main things for you spell are going to be. A simple outline for you spell (using candle magick) would be:
1/ Casting the spell on the day and in the moon that is needed
2/ Annointing a candle (of which colour you would have found out in the step above) with oil and herbs (which you also found out in the step above).
3/ Then lighting the candle and saying a rhyme, chant or verse to the god or goddess you are calling upon statung exactly what you want the outcome of the spell to be.
4/ Putting your hands over the candle (not so you burn yourself) focus your energies into the candle envisioning them as a bright white light which will power the spell.
5/ Then you have the choice of blowing the candle out a burrying the remaining or letting it burn down completely which will send the spell out into the universe.
6/ Finish the spell by saying:

With harm to none, So mote it be.

You should write the whole spell out as above exactly how you plan on casting it, so you have it in front of you and there will be no mistakes when it comes to casting it for real. The above is only a rough guide and it is a very simple spell. You can make it as long or complicated as you like, and you can add whatever feels right to you.
Step 4
Now of course all that left to do is cast the spell!
Cast it somewhere that you wont be disturbed and that is very quite. You may have a alter which you want to cast at or you may just do it on a table or somewhere else in your room. You may choose to cast you spell in a magick circle which some witches prefer. You will not find it featured on this web page as i find its not necessary for most spells. Just make sure you are working in a clean area and cleanse the room of negativity before hand by sprinkling some salt water around and keeping a bowl of salt in the room to absorb negative energies. Smudging is also a good idea!
Dont forget most spells unless specified in it will take anything up to 21 days to manifest although most work quickly if the need is great.

A useful tip is if you have to leave a spell candle to burn out completely but you have to go out, run a couple of cm's of water into the bath or sink and put the candle holder with the lit candle in, in it. That way if your candle dropped out of the holder it will fall into the bath and be put out straight away (thats tip was from my great aunt!)