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Ethics of Love Spells
There are two types of love spells:
- A spell directed at a specific person
- A spell to bring love and loving energies into your life

You must NEVER cast a spell to make a specific person fall in love with you! This is taking away someones free will and any true witch knows it is wrong. Nine time out of ten these spells go completely wrong and you end up in alot of trouble. Even if the spell were to work you would never know if the person truely loves you for who you are or if they was just with you because you took away their free will and they are unknowingly tied to you. Ive got a friend who has cast a love spell before and ended up in alot of trouble and she has given me permission to use it as an example to worn others.

Katy was born a witch, every one in her family are witches and it goes back in her family along way. When she was 16 she fell head over hills in love with a guy im gonna call Billy (im changing the name for reasons you'll see by the end of this). Billy showed no interest in her what so ever and it made her very mad and even more determind to have him for herself.
Her 17th birthday was coming up and she wanted to be going out with him by then. She tried everything but he was not interested so she cast a love spell. Sure enough within the week he was totally in love with her. But as she really got to know him it turned out he was nothing like she thought and by then she fancied the next guy. So she dumped him and thought that would be the end of it. He phoned her every day all day, went to her house, sent her letters and wouldnt leave her along. She tried a reversal spell but it didnt work as love spells are so hard to reverse once they get ahold.
She kept rejecting him and he started breaking into her house at night and following her everywhere. Eventually she went to stay with her aunt in America for a month. He couldnt contact her or find her, although it wasnt for lack of him trying and a week later he killed himself. She has to live with that now for the rest of her life and the bad karma follows her everywhere. She hasnt been in a relationship since and has stopped practicing wicca completely.

Its a sad story but its a good example of what taking someones free will can do.

However if you want love in your life, cast a spell and ask for help in bringing loving energies into your life. In the books listing on the site there is a book called embracing the moon. This book has a very good love spell in it which will bring to you someone that will truely love you for who you are.

Web Advice
I would just like to make a note about web sites on witchcraft. there are a lot of dodgy sites on here. be very careful about any spells you take of the internet!!! A lot of them are not right and can give mixed results. If you want spells go to a bookstore and get a spell book by a well known witch. But the most powerful spells are those you write yourself (there are instruction on how to do this on the writing spells page),

Gods and Goddesses to call on to bring love into your life