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Herbs and Their Magickal Uses
Alchemilla (lady's mantle) - Used in love spells.

Artemisias - Used in Love spells.

Amaranth (cockscomb) - This herb can be used to repair a broken heart.

Apples - Used in spells for healing and love. Also used for hunting spells, heatbreak management.

Borage - Used in love spells.

Black Pepper - Used in restraint spells.

Basil - Used for love, wealth and protection spells.

Bay - Used in spells for wisdom protection and psychic powers.

Birch - Used for cleansing.

Carnation - Used in protection and healing spells.

Coriander - Used for love spells.

Catnip - Used in cat magick.

Camphor - Used for restraint spells.

Cedar - Used for purification and healing spells.

Cinnamon - Used for spirituality, healing and cleansing spells.

Clove - Used in money, protection and cleansing spells.

Dianthus (clove carnation) - Used for love spells.

Garlic - Used for protection and healing spells.

Ginger - Used for money, success, work and power spells.

Holly - Used for dream magick and balance spells.

Iris - Used for wisdom spells.

Ivy - Used for protection and healing spells.

Lilac - Used for protection, beauty and love spells.

Marigold - Used for dreams, business and legal affairs spells.

Marjoram - Used for protection, love and healing spells.

Mint - Used for money, luck and travel spells.

Mistletoe - Used for protection, fertility, healing and psychism spells.

Orris Root - Used for divination spells.

Rose - Used for love, psychism power and divination spells.

Rosemary - Used for love, power, healing and sleep spells.

Sage - Used for protection and wisdom spells.

Thyme - Used for healing and psychic power spells.

Willow - Used for Love and divination spells.

A picture of catnip
Used in cat magick.
  Gods and Goddesses

Always respect them and thank them for their help. Never invoke two gods or goddesses that dont get on!!! For instance dont invoke a goddess of happiness with a distructive god.

Before calling on a god or goddess spend some time researching them and finding out about them and if their is any other god/desses they dont get on with.

When Witches die we believe that we go to a place called the Summerland. This is a place where we go to be with people we love and reassess the life we have just lived. Then when you are ready you come back from the summerland to earth to start working once again on your karma. Practicing the craft can bring memories from former lives to the surface, do not get caught up with these thoughts instead concentrate on making this life the best it can be. Everyone is born with things they must do and complete in each life, put all your energies on working towards your end goal. However for anyone interested in reading more on past lives there are plenty of good book out there on the subject.

A Great Book on Dicovering Past lives for those who are interested in finding out more!

A Magickal Name.
Practically every witch has a magickal name, this is a name associated with the religion that is used when in company of other wiccans. You might also use your magickal name in your BOS and any other workings to do with your craft. A few famous witches are Silver RavenWolf and Raven Tempess. Everyone chooses their magickal name in a different way. For some the name comes to them in a dream or a thought for others they just choose a name they like. There are also a few books out on the subject which can help you if your stuck.

A complete book of magickal names

Wicca is a nature based religion so learn to respect nature and be in tune with it. Take regular walks in the country, learn to regonise certain birds and plants. You will find it will benefit your spell castings a great deal.

Weather Magick
Controlling the weather; most people think its their idea of having a laugh. But you need to be a well astablished witch to use this power. You have to be very careful to balance the elements, otherwise what u want to be a sunny day could end up turning into a disaster when you by accident create a storm!!!