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This is a community on msn created by me. We have over 120 members and it grows everyday. If you have enjoyed visiting this website then feel free to visit and maybe even become a member of the lake community. Please read the below page for more information on the community!

Member Participation

The site has several message boards including 'Witchcraft V's Tv Debate', 'Newbies Board', 'Questions Board' and several others. There is also a photo's page where you can post either photo's of yourself of things dear to you (we have quite a few pets photos too). There is the members profiles page where you can tell everyone about yourself, polls, places to write your own book reviews and more.

Information Pages

This site had a limitation of pages that could be added when i started in up so ive kept it as a beginners information site, however if you have read everything here and would like more information the community web page is the next place to visit. It has pages of faerie magick, totem animals, chakra healing, coven information and tons more. There's over 50 pages on the site with loads of helpful information.

Wiccan, Pagan And Spiritual Music Page

Great new page with a chart of some of the best wiccan and pagan music around!

Awards Page

A page which displays the sites awards!


Great correspondence, moon magick and star sign pages!

Chat Room

Sometimes it can become easy to get fed up with message boards, especially when you want to speak to a specific person or group of people. The site now has its own chatroom!

About Becoming a Member

This site is open to all members of the wiccan community. However if you are under 18 please get parental permission. Ive worked hard to make the community a safe and fun place to be, so please when joining read the RULES page, so there are no misunderstandings of whats expected on the site.

Important all members must read page!

Please if you are going to take the time to become a member please after reading the rules page, read the 'all members must ready page'. By reading both these pages you will be fully set up to enjoy being a member and meeting many other people of all ages who have the same beliefs!

Contacting Me

My contact details are on this site however i get a large back log of e-mails coming through. I do try and reply to all e-mails recieved and i apologise if your e-mail dosnt get answered or if it takes a while for me to get back to you.


I hope this page has given you a small introduction to the community thats attached to this site. Blessed Be