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First a bit about me!
Well im a hereditary witch from the South of England. I have been learning the wiccan way since i was very young and started practicing when i was 9. I work solitary as i find this suits me best but i have been a member of several covens in the past. But it is very hard to find a reputable covern as there are so many poeple out there who use there powers in the wrong way. At the moment i am teaching my older cousin and i hope to start teaching my younger cousin quite soon. At some ppoint during my life my aim is to write and publish a book on witchcraft as a guide to those that are just starting out in their path. But that's enough about me....
The picture to you right is a place called Burley. It has a long history with witchcraft and is full of wiccan shops and felow witches.

Some backgroud on witchcraft
The 'Old Religion' goes back many many years. Witchcraft has always been a nature religion based on spiritual worship, natural magick and the wonders that are 'nature'. One of the main focal points in wicca is the Goddess. Many wiccans believe that earth was created from her body and soul. Although both the male and female aspects are worshiped throughout the religion. Throughout time many healers and workers of magick worked with the elements as we do today. Most witches would use natural medicine and herbs, plant extracts and many other natural things for their spells. Most of the witches back in time used their spells for healing and helping them with protection and their homes.
Many witches throughout the world have worshipped spirit at ancient sites alot of which worked solitary.
Then came the persecution of witches; midwives and healers were taken into holdings and then later charged with practicing witchcraft and burnt. Hysteria swept through Europe, this was mainly caused by the Christian movement. Things gradually got even worse to the point that any woman who owned a cat were likely to be killed. People has the misconception that any woman who had a cat must be a witch because the cat carried an evil spirit who suposidly would be used for contacting the devil and evil.
The male domintated church inforced laws which made practicing witchcraft an offence and something you were likely to be killed for as punishment. Practically 80% of the people killed were woman. All of the killing went on until the mid-twentieth century when all the laws against the practice of witchcraft were re-apealed. But by then many people had been killed for no reason what so ever. Very few of the people killed were actually witches. Even after all of this the pagan movement still survived although it had taken a very big knock.

A note about Satan
Satan (the devil) is something that was created by the Christians! It is a misconception that witches worship him in any shape or form. Satan does not have a part in the Wiccan religion. True wiccans do not believe in it or worship it. The concept of heaven and hell is a christian belief. Most witches believe in a place called 'The Summer Land' and reincarnation (which you can find out more information about in the following pages of the site).

Further Reading
The Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham

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The Witches League For Public Awareness

There is also an inexpensive booklet out called Witchcraft, Satanism and Ritual Crime, Whos Who and Whats What. Church of all Worlds. This is a booklet published to educate people about witchcraft and remove negative connotations around the craft.